August’s O.S.T

This month we are heading into hyperspace with a playlist that would be at home on any space station jukebox. Whether your saving the world from evil aliens or just cruising through the galaxy we’ve chosen some excellent tunes to get the vibe going. Enjoy!

The PC Engine Classic Mini – Part 3

In parts one and two of our PCE Mini feature we listed the first thirteen games we would want to see on the fictional system. Here are our final eight choices to round off the lineup.

T.E Plays: Silent Debuggers

Exclusive to the PC Engine / TurboGrafx 16, Silent Debuggers was developed by Data East and published by NEC International in 1991. The game is presented in a pseudo 3D style and is one of the earliest examples of the first person shooter while also mixing in elements akin to that of a survival horror game.

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PP#02 – Super Star Soldier

Developed by Kaneko and published by Hudson Soft in 1990, Super Star Soldier was the first in a trilogy of highly acclaimed shooters released for the PC Engine and is the follow up to  the earlier Star Soldier for the Famicom/MSX.

1991: A year in review

In our latest feature we will be taking a retrospective look back at some of The Engines best years and what they had to offer.

The PC Engine Classic Mini – Part 2

In part one we listed our first five picks of the 21 games we would choose to fill the PCE mini classic. Here are eight more games we think just have to be on there!

T.E Plays: Vigilante

Originally developed for the arcade and published by Irem in 1988, Vigilante was an indirect sequel to the company’s earlier hit Spartan X / Kung-Fu Master. The following year a PC Engine conversion was released and was Irem’s first in-house game for system after previously having Hudson port over R-Type in ’88.

The Art of the Manual – Kaze Kiri

I think you’d agree that PC Engine games have some pretty awesome cover art but often overlooked is the artwork within the manual itself. To celebration the humble manual and the hidden treasures within we will be uploading our favorite scans for your viewing pleasure.

July’s O.S.T

Each month we will be selecting a carefully curated playlist of Engine tracks for you to enjoy. From chip-tune classics to full blown Red Book epics. Lets take a look (and listen) at our picks for this month!

The PC Engine Classic Mini – Part 1

With all the hype surrounding Nintendo’s recent classic mini consoles a thread appeared on the PCEngineFX forums discussing a fictional PC Engine mini and asked members what games would they like see on it. With so many great games on the system compiling a list of just 21 is quite a task, including Hucard, CD-Rom, Super CD-Rom, and Arcade card games where the hell do you start? 

T.E Plays: Daimakaimura

A direct sequel to Capcom’s 1985 smash arcade hit Ghosts n’ Goblins. Set 3 years after, Ghouls n’ Ghosts sees you reprise the role of Arthur who must once again rescue his beloved princess Prin Prin from the clutches of Lucifer himself! The game saw a number of home ports released across an array of systems ranging from the 8bit Master System through to the more recent PSP. The one we will be looking at today is NEC’s port on the Supergrafx.