The PC Engine Classic Mini – Part 2

In part one we listed our first five picks of the 21 games we would choose to fill the PCE mini classic. Here are eight more games we think just have to be on there!

#06 – Crest of Wolf – Super CDRom²


Crest of Wolf is one of the few side-scrolling beat em’ up’s on the system and follows the typical format established by earlier games such as Final Fight and Double Dragon. Hawk’s girlfriend has been kidnapped by a shadowy organization known as ‘Jadoh’ and its up to you to save her! Crest of Wolf does nothing new or original but it is an absolute blast to play and features some great music. As a good example of  an Engine brawler we just had to include it.

#07 – Street Fighter II’ Champion Edition HuCARD


This game certainly needs no introduction, we all love Street Fighter II and in the interest of diversity we have included it on the list. The PCE conversion is excellent and some may argue the best home port of the classic arcade fighter. Smooth animations, slick controls, and amazing graphics means SFII’ is our choice for a bit of one on one brawling.

#08 – Dracula X – Chi No Rondo Super CDRom²


If there is one game that must be included on this list then Dracula X is that game. Rondo of Blood as it is known in the west is one of the finest examples of an action platformer and one of the best games in Konami’s acclaimed Castlevania series. Everything is so exquisitely done from the superb level design to the haunting soundtrack. The visuals are stunning with huge boss sprites and some awesome set pieces. Dracula X is highly regarded as one of the best games ever made and is essential to any PCE library.

#09 – Gate of Thunder – Super CDRom²


Another scrolling shooter which is synonymous with the PC Engine is Gate of Thunder. North American fans will fondly remember the game as being one of the pack-in titles when the TurboDuo launched back in 1992. Gate of Thunder features memorable level and boss design, a well-conceived weapons system, and consistently outstanding soundtrack. Often compared to the classic Thunder Force series the game always ranks high on any Engine fans shooter list.

#10 – Devil Crash HuCARD


Devil Crash (or Devil’s Crush as it is better known) is the second installment in Naxat Soft’s popular Crush Pinball series. The game features an eerie occult themed table with several bonus stages, a 2 player mode, and a password system to save your progress. Highly addictive gameplay, awesome soundtrack, great graphics, and perfect controls make Devil Crash the undisputed king of PC Engine pinball sims.

#11 – The Legendary Axe II – HuCARD


This may be a controversial choice but instead of the original we have opted to include the sequel to the much lauded classic The Legendary Axe. The second installment continues in the same vein as its predecessor but with improved controls, a selection of new weapons, and a disturbingly dark atmosphere. A great platforming hack and slash with some of the best music on the system.

#12 – YS Book I & II – CDRom²


Few of the PC Engines library of RPG’s were ever translated for us English speakers but one game that did make it to western shores was YS Book I & II. The game may not be that graphically impressive but the story, gameplay, and soundtrack are second to none. YS is still fondly remembered today as one of the best RPGs of its era and was one of the very few to receive a stellar translation job complete with English voice acting. For all these reasons YS is a definite must have on our mini Engine.

#13 – PC Genjin 2 (Bonk’s Revenge) – HuCARD


No list of PC Engine games is without a Bonk title in its ranks and rightly so, he is the Engines mascot after all. The second installment is considered the best in the series by many fans and the quintessential Bonk experience. Boasting improved graphics, a host of colourful new characters, and some great mini games, Bonks Revenge is a solid platformer which can go toe to toe with any of its peers.

To be continued…




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