The PC Engine Classic Mini – Part 1

With all the hype surrounding Nintendo’s recent classic mini consoles a thread appeared on the PCEngineFX forums discussing a fictional PC Engine mini and asked members what games would they like to see on it. With so many great games on the system compiling a list of just 21 is quite a task, including Hucard, CD-Rom, Super CD-Rom, and Arcade card games where the hell do you start?

T.E’s 21 GAMES

With these rules in mind lets take a look at what games The Engine would include if this fantasy ever became a reality.

#01 – Bloody Wolf – HuCARD


Lets start with the classic Bloody Wolf, a conversion of the Arcade game released in 1988 by Data East. The President has been taken hostage by terrorists and US Special forces have been tasked with the rescue. Two of Bloody Wolf’s best commandos, Snake and Eagle, must go behind enemy lines in true 80’s action movie fashion. Big guns, epic bosses, and a great plot twist means Bloody Wolf makes the grade. Everybody loves a good run and gun.

#02 – R-Type HuCARD


Whenever people talk about the PC Engine they often talk about the wealth of shooters available for the system and one game that always comes up is Irem’s seminal horizontal scroller R-Type. Widely regarded as one the most important shooters of all time the game truly did define the genre. Offering up a distinct atmosphere and a refreshing methodical style of gameplay, no list of top games would be complete without it.

#03 – Ninja Spirit HuCARD


Surely we have to include a ninja game on the list and Ninja Spirit is definitely that game. Set amongst the backdrop of feudal Japan, Ninja Spirit is a fast paced platformer featuring an array of weapons to choose from and huge creative boss battles. The game is non stop action from start to finish and great fun to play. A classic revenge story with Ninja’s, ghosts, and demons, what more could you ask for?

#04 – Bomberman ’94 HuCARD


Everyone loves Bomberman don’t they? The ’94 edition was the third and final release of Hudson’s popular series on the system and by far my favorite one. The game improves upon the solid gameplay already established in the earlier releases and is the first to introduce the Rooeys. Featuring a fun story mode and addictive multiplayer you can’t really go wrong with a Bomberman game.

#05 – Soldier Blade HuCARD


Considered by many to be the pinnacle of Hudson Soft’s Star Soldier series, Soldier Blade is a gem of a shooter. The game delivers on every level with gorgeously detailed graphics, thumping soundtrack, and great level design. As well as the blistering normal game, Soldier Blade includes a frantic 2 minute and 5 minute caravan mode which is also immense fun. Probably the best vertical shooter on the system, enough said!

To be continued….


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  1. daniel says:

    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

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  2. Gate of Thunder and Bonk’s Revenge would be at the top of my list. And Blazing Lazers with Legendary Axe would be necessary. Splatterhouse, Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, Street Fighter, Y’s and it would be very hard to determine just 30 of even 21 games. And would the system be proportionate in size to the Nintendo minis as it was to the originals? If so, it would be insanely small. But I would take it! Just put a Hucard slot in there!

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    1. pcengineblog says:

      Yes all are excellent choices and most of them are actually included in our list too! part 2 is coming very soon. It is hard picking only 21! And as you said the pc engine is already mini haha


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